Wedding photographer is self explanatory, but you might wonder what "lifestyle photographer" means. So, putting it simple, lifestyle photography is capturing the every day moments. Things that truly happen in life that aren't forced or planned. Some examples would be a newborn session that happens in the home, or an engagement session that captures the essence of the couple's dating relationship. I truly believe in these genuine moments and capturing what life truly looks like.

Photography is not just my career; it's a part of my everyday life, which truly makes it a passion. There isn't usually a day that goes by that I don't take a photo (or two or three...or ten!). On a wedding day or at a shoot, I don't ever like to put down my camera. I want to be ready, because the same moment rarely happens twice, right?! ....I'm all about the in between, and capturing moments that the normal eye might miss.


When I'm  not shooting, I can be found at the beach, exploring LA food finds, or spending time with dear friends + family...or maybe all three of those at once. :) A couple more ways to learn more about me would be to read my blog, or follow me through instagram / / I love to share the things happening in my life with all of you.


I love the community aspect of photography and all of the relationships that have formed since I began my business. I truly see each of my clients as dear friends, and those friendships don't just end after the wedding day or after the family shoot. It is truly one of the best parts of my job!

I can't wait to meet you!!


Emma Leigh

the Lens

   Welcome to my little corner of the Internet. Thank you for taking a little time out of your day to stop by my website! I hope you stay awhile and feel welcome. My name is Emma, and the best way I can describe my style of work is that I am a lifestyle + wedding photographer.


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